„We match
experienced moot alumni and
current participants to
improve the overall
learning experience.“

SiLS Moot Academy Director

SiLS Moot Academy

Essentials Course

The SiLS Moot Academy’s Essentials Course is free of charge and accessible without restrictions or a registration procedure.

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Remote Coaching

Furthermore, the SiLS Moot Academy offers free Remote Coaching for Vis Moot teams that are not fortunate enough to get the intense coaching many of the successful Vis teams get from their home universities. Volunteers that have already successfully participated in the Vis Moot offer their assistance, which can range from advising on drafting of the memoranda for claimant and respondent to video-based test-hearings in preparation for the oral rounds – all online.

To apply for our Remote Coaching please send an e-mail to moot.academy@swissintlawschool.org containing the names of all team members, a letter of motivation describing your motivation to participate in the Vis Moot in general and your specific need for external assistance, in particular your available coaching infrastructure, your university’s past participation in the Vis Moot, and the year of law school your team members are currently in. The information will be kept completely confidential. Applications are open from September to October. The number of teams selected for Remote Coaching depends on the number of volunteer Remote Coaches.

If you wish to become a Remote Coach yourself just click here!

SiLS Pre-Moot

Every February the SiLS Pre-Moot offers a platform that gives teams the possibility to meet online for web-based practice hearings with volunteer Remote Arbitrators.

If you are interested in participating in the next SiLS Pre-Moot, just send an email to pre-moot@swissintlawschool.org indicating the time zone you are located in. Considering that often times the Remote Arbitrator as well as both teams are located in different time zones, scheduling the hearings is not always easy. Please understand that the hearings will be timed primarily based on the availability of the volunteer Remote Arbitrators. Thus, teams should be as flexible as possible in this regard.

About the SiLS Moot Academy

The Swiss International Law School’s Moot Academy prepares students for the participation in the Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot. Its Essentials Course teaches students the basics of international arbitration, the CISG, and advocacy to facilitate successful participation in the Vis Moot. Vis Moot teams that face significant challenges in need of support are invited to apply for free Remote Coaching, and the free of charge SiLS Pre-Moot is a great opportunity for teams from everywhere to meet online and practise for the Vis Moot – without travel expenses.

We have received great support from the moot community, for which we and in particular the SiLS Moot Academy team David TEBEL, Ilka BEIMEL, and Nadja HARRASCHAIN would like to cordially thank the many volunteer Remote Coaches and Arbitrators, who all greatly contribute to enhancing the moot experience for everybody involved.