Financial Support

Financial Support

The Swiss International Law School offers scholarships for students from both developed and transitioning or developing countries. In addition, we offer discounts to former Vis Moot Participants.


SiLS may grant a scholarship for a student to cover the courses taken at SiLS, subject to receiving such documentary evidence that it requires (please see below for details). Scholarships are granted to students predominantly based on financial need. Previous academic achievements are also considered. Students in receipt of any form of funding or support from third parties are not entitled to scholarships. Thanks to our partners, the Swiss International Law School is in the fortunate position to offer the following scholarships:


  • Justin D’Agostino Scholarship: One half scholarship for students from Hong Kong or another Asian country.
  • Neil Kaplan Scholarship: One half scholarship for students from Hong Kong or another Asian country.


  • AnMing and Pierre Karrer Scholarship: One full scholarship for students from Eastern and Central Europe.


  • Russian Arbitration Association Scholarship: Two half scholarships for students from Russia.


  • Vis Moot Scholarship: One half scholarship for participants of either the Vis East Moot (Hong Kong) or the Willem C. Vis Moot (Vienna).
  • Global Lawyer Scholarship: Six half scholarships for students from any region.

Please note:

  • We are happy to assist with all questions related to scholarships and the application process. Please contact to arrange for an online interview.
  • The earlier you submit your the application, the better your chances for getting a scholarship.
  • SiLS scholarships are not normally granted for the full tuition fee.


SiLS offers a discount of CHF 8’000 off the tuition fee for the full Master of Laws (LL.M.) program for persons affiliated with the Vis Moot (Participants, Team Coaches, and Arbitrators), as well as for Members of the Moot Alumni Association (MAA).

Application Process for Financial Support


In order to apply for a scholarship, students will be required to submit the following documents during the regular application process for the desired program:

  • a written personal statement outlining personal and family financial situation
  • supporting documentation, such as relevant income tax statements, and any other evidence that may support the application for financial support


Discounts are offered automatically to eligible persons without the need to make a separate application; however, a student’s eligibility for a discount must be indicated during the regular application process.

For Further Details…

…please check the Application Key Dates or contact