What does SiLS offer?

An Online Master of Laws (LL.M.) in International Commercial Law and Dispute Resolution.

What is special about the LL.M.?

The SiLS LL.M. is taught completely online; the worlds leading scholars and practitioners in international Commercial Law teach on a high-level comparative basis; its global curriculum is not linked to one specific jurisdiction, but strongly based on a genuine comparative approach; our educational approach is student-centred, with small and interactive classes, supervised module projects, and individual feedback; Dual Award Programs allow that courses taken at Swiss International Law School are credited towards LL.M. degrees of other well-known and highly respected institutions and, vice versa, courses taken at other institutions are credited towards the SiLS Master of Laws. For details, see https://www.swissintlawschool.org/sils-ll-m/.

When do the modules begin?

Program and Single Modules starting 1 August and 1 February. https://www.swissintlawschool.org/sils-ll-m/application/ 

Where is SiLS located?

Our team is based in Basel, Switzerland.

How can I contact SiLS?

You may call us on  +41 61 271 76 02, or contact us via e-mail info@swissintlawschool.org and Facebook

The Program

How is the LL.M. structured?

The SiLS LL.M. has four interactive modules: Sales and Transport Law, Intellectual Property Law, Dispute Resolution, and Corporate Law, as well as four tutorials: Legal Research and Writing, Presentation Techniques, Professional Ethics for the Global Lawyer, Features of Common Law and Civil Law Systems. In addition, we offer a bonus tutorial: Management of Legal and Compliance Risk.

Can I book single modules?

Each SiLS module can be booked individually. 

Who will be teaching?

We are pleased to name the the worlds leading scholars and practitioners in international Commercial Law as members of our faculty. Module Leaders are: Professor Dr. Ingeborg SCHWENZER, LL.M. (University of Basel, Switzerland), Professor Dr. William VAN CAENEGEM, LL.M. (Bond University, Gold Coast, Australia), Professor Dr. Katharina PISTOR, LL.M. (Law Faculty, Columbia University, New York, United States), and Professor Louise BARRINGTON, FCIArb  (International arbitrator, Toronto, Canada; Director Vis East International Commercial Arbitration Moot, Hong Kong, China). Classes are supervised by two course leaders, one from a common law, the other from a civil law background. All scholars and experts teaching at SiLS have a strong background in the international academic world as well as in practice.

How much does the program cost?

The fees for the whole program is CHF 36.000. For one single module the fee is CHF 10.000. SiLS offers financial support to encourage access to its courses to students from both developed and transitioning or developing countries. https://www.swissintlawschool.org/sils-ll-m/financial-support/ 

How long does the LL.M Program last?

Full time = one year, part-time = two years. It is also possible to apply for single modules.

How many credits will I get for it?

SiLS LL.M.: 60 ECTSEuropean Credit Transfer System.
Single modules: 15 ECTSEuropean Credit Transfer System.

How long does one module last?

 Each module lasts one semester (20 weeks) and corresponds to 15 ECTSEuropean Credit Transfer System, which is equivalent to about 20 hours of student effort per week. https://www.swissintlawschool.org/sils-ll-m

How much time will I have to invest?

SiLS LL.M.: About 40 study hours per week (full time) or 20 study hours (part time). Single modules: 20 study hours per week.

How many classes will I have per week?

There will be one live online meeting per week to discuss your questions with your course leaders and the class. In addition, there are two live online meetings with the module leaders per semester. In addition you will have to schedule for your collaborative group work with your co-students. In between meetings, you can ask questions on the module’s discussion forum which is available 24/7 online and moderated by the course leaders. Also the course resources are available 24/7 online and you can enjoy them whenever you want, within the required deadlines.

When do I have to be online?

In each module, you will meet for one 2-hour live online meeting per week with your class and course leaders. In addition, there are two live online meetings with the module leaders per semester. These meetings will usually take place during the weekend.

How do I discuss my questions with course leaders and class?

During the live online meeting, and on the module discussion forum

How will the modules be assessed?

Specific information about each module’s assessment and how it is marked is given at the beginning of each module. The module assessment takes place in the last wo or three weeks of each module. It has several components, which may require you to write final papers, evaluate papers you have written individually and/or together with your team of students during the 
module, evaluate papers written by another team of students, select papers, posts or mini-essays, and/or videos you have prepared during the module, 
and reflect your own performance during the module’s teamwork. In addition, your role in the module’s team work will be assessed by your co-students. 
Papers and videos are marked by course leaders. The final grade is assigned according to the SiLS Student Regulations and SiLS Student Handbook.

How do the tutorials work?

The extra-modular tutorials are offered for individual study and practice during the course. They are self-guided and we recommend completing them as soon as possible.

How are the tutorials assessed?

Specific information about each tutorial’s assessment is given at the beginning of each module. You may be required to either complete the multiple-choice test concluding the tutorial or submit a video which will be subject to self- and peer-assessment. The result of the tutorial multiple-choice test will be pass or fail, and you will be able to repeat the test as often as necessary. 
As soon as you have successfully passed the multiple-choice test or the self- and peer-assessment of your video, respectively, you will be awarded a Certificate of Attendance for the relevant tutorial. 



When is the application deadline?

15 June for the SiLS LL.M. program and single modules starting 1 August. 15 December for the SiLS LL.M. program and single modules starting 1 February.

Can I apply online?

Yes, through the online application form. https://www.swissintlawschool.org/sils-ll-m/application/ 

What are the entry requirements?

The SiLS LL.M. program is open to anyone with at least a Bachelor of Law (BLaw / LL.B.) or equivalent legal qualification, or who is admitted to the bar in any jurisdiction, two recommendation letters, and a letter of motivation. Non-native speakers must provide IELTSInternational English Language Testing System (minimum of 7.0 overall, with 6.5 in each band) or TOEFL iBTTest of English as a Foreign Language Internet-based Test (minimum of 100 with at least 20 in each section) certificates not older than two years at the time of submitting the application.