“For a globalised world
you really need a global legal
education, and I think that the
Swiss International Law School
is providing just that.”

Professor Dr. Arie

SiLS LL.M. International Commercial Law and Dispute Resolution

The Program

The SiLS LL.M. in International Commercial Law and Dispute Resolution is taught fully online, giving career professionals access to a level of higher education that may otherwise be out of reach because of work or family responsibilities.

As a student at SiLS, you will have:

  • A classroom that is always open,
  • A teaching approach directed at encouraging students not just to learn the theory, but to unterstand how it works, why it works, and what the practical implications in it might be,
  • A real life experience of what international work as a global lawyer is like, with online meetings, video conferencing, online research, and written work prepared individually or in small groups,
  • Stimulating and inspiring feedback from faculty and peers from all over the world,
  • Small classes that are composed from a student body representing a wide variety of experience, bringing both specialist knowledge and fresh perspectives.

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The Degree

The SiLS LL.M. master degree is awarded upon the satisfactory completion of four interactive modules and four self-guided tutorials.

Interactive Modules

Each of the four interactive Swiss International Law School modules is led by an eminent global scholar in the respective field. Classes are supervised by two course leaders, one from a common law, the other from a civil law background. Each SiLS module can also be booked individually.

Self-guided Tutorials

Four extra-modular tutorials cover important aspects of legal work. They are self-guided and allow for your own individual learning path and pace.

In addition, enjoy this bonus tutorial:

Dual Award Programs

Our Dual Award Programs allow that courses taken at Swiss International Law School are credited towards LL.M. degrees of other well-known and highly respected institutions and, vice versa, courses taken at other institutions are credited towards the SiLS Master of Laws.


The tuition for the whole program is CHF 36.000. For one single module the fee is CHF 10.000. SiLS offers financial support to encourage access to its courses to students from both developed and transitioning or developing countries.


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