Professor Dr. Ünal TEKINALP

Professor Dr. Ünal TEKINALPProfessor of Law, University of Istanbul, Turkey

P rof. Dr. TEKINALP (born 4 October 1935) graduated as a Bachelor of Laws at the University of İstanbul in 1958, and became a research assistant and lecturer at the same university in 1959. He obtained his doctorate in 1961 from the University of İstanbul and spent two years at the Freie Universität, Berlin, as a guest academic in the academic years of 1962–1964. He has served as a research associate with the Institute of Commercial Law.

In 1966, he was appointed as an associate professor of the University of İstanbul following the submission, of a further dissertation and an examination. He was appointed as a professor of the University of İstanbul in 1973.

Besides, until his retirement TEKINALP was the Director of the Centre for Research and Practice in European Law and acted as the Chairman of the department on European Union’s Legal Structure which is a department responsible from post-graduate and phd programs available under Social Sciences Institute of Istanbul University.

Between 1997 and May 2002, Dr. Ünal TEKINALP acted the Chairman of the Department on Commercial Law at Istanbul University, Faculty of Law. He lectured in banking law, intellectual property law, competition law, European law, as well as in commercial law under graduate, post-graduate and PhD programs for 29 years.

In 2002 upon his appointment as the chairman of the Turkish Government Committee responsible for preparing the Draft New Commercial Code, he resigned from his office by his own decision.

The New Code has entered into force on 1 July 2012 and Dr. TEKINALP continues to consult relevant public authorities that release secondary legislation for the application of the Code and application of new provisions.

Since 2008 he is a member of ALLEA (All European Academies)’s Intellectual Property Standing Committee to represent TUBA (Turkish Academy of Sciences)