Ref. iur. Nadja HARRASCHAIN

HARRASCHAIN NADJA transparent 20160722 1032jpg Ph.D. Candidate and Research Assistant, Frankfurt, Germany

N adja HARRASCHAIN is a Ph.D. candidate supervised by Professor Ingeborg Schwenzer at the University of Basel (Switzerland). In her Ph.D. thesis, she examines the principle of res judicata in international commercial and investment arbitration, with a special focus on Swiss law and U.S. federal law. She was a Visiting Scholar at Columbia University in New York. She also works part time as a research assistant for the dispute resolution department of a renowned international law firm in Frankfurt (Germany) and as a freelancer for a patent law firm.

In the past, Nadja has gained considerable work experience in international and German law. Nadja has given a lecture on economic law and internet law at the Administration and Economic Academy (VWA) Freiburg (Germany). As research assistant and intern, she has worked with several renowned international law firms in the field of dispute resolution and has worked for numerous years at the institute for intellectual property law in Freiburg, Germany.

Nadja studied law at Freiburg University, where she passed her First State Examination with honors. Throughout her studies, she particularly focused on private international law, the law of international arbitration, international sales law and German and European intellectual property law. Representing the University of Freiburg twice, once as team member and once as coach, Nadja has won several awards and honorable mentions in the Willem C. Vis (East) International Commercial Arbitration Moot. In addition, she has served as an arbitrator in the Vis Moot competition on various occasions. Nadja was also awarded a scholarship of the prestigious German National Academic Foundation.