Peter Liatowitsch

Attorney, Notary Public and Mediator

D r. Peter LIATOWITSCH studied Law at the Universities of Geneva and Basel. In 1970 he passed the Bar exam in Basel and became a member of the Basel Bar Association. He did his Law Doctorate at the Law Faculty of the University of Basel with a thesis in patent law.

Since 1975 Dr. LIATOWITSCH has his own practice as an attorney and notary public in Basel. In 1994 he merged to become partners with Liatowitsch & Partners. Since 1991 he has been seriously involved in mediation (originally family mediation, meanwhile also business and administrative mediation). From 2000- 2004 he has been a visiting lecturer at the University of Fribourg in the faculty of social work (Conflict Resolution and Mediation). From 2007-2013 he has been teaching as a visiting lecturer at both Basel and Fribourg universities in the Law Faculty (Negotiation, Conflict Resolution and Mediation).

Dr. Peter LIATOWITSCH is particularly busy with family law, estate law, consulting and litigation. He is the the Co-Editor of FamPra (only Swiss periodic publication in family law) and the Co-founder and former Co-Vice-President of the Center of Family Sciences, Basel and Zürich. Besides he was also involved in active peace work. He is the Co-founder of the Jewish-Palestinian Discussion Group in the Basel Area, who has been active from 1989 till 2007.