Professor Dr. Camilla BAASCH ANDERSEN

Camilla BAASCH ANDERSENProfessor at University of Western Australia

C amilla Baasch Andersen is a Professor at University of Western Australia. She was previously a Senior Lecturer at the University of Leicester in the United Kingdom, a lecturer at the Centre for Commercial Law Studies at Queen Mary, University of London and before that she was a PhD research and teaching fellow at University of Copenhagen in her native Denmark. She has lectured externally for several universities, including SOAS in London (UK), University of Essex (UK), University of Turku (Finland) and Victoria University (Melbourne, Australia). She has worked with the CISG Advisory Council, and been the National Reporter for the United Kingdom for the International Academy of Comparative Law. Prof. Andersen was the founding co-editor of The Journal of Comparative Law and is a Fellow at the Institute of International Commercial Law at Pace Law School. She has written extensively on the CISG, including Practitioners Guide to the CISG (with Mazzotta & Zeller, 2010) and numerous articles on uniformity of international law, the methodology of the CISG, and the examination and notification provisions of the CISG. She was also co-editor of Sharing International Commercial Law across National Boundaries (with Ulrich Schroeter, 2008) which was written in honour of her mentor, Prof. Albert H Kritzer.