Professor Tony ANGELO

Professor Tony ANGELOProfessor of Law, University of Wellington, New Zealand

Tony ANGELO is a Professor, Faculty of Law, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand.  He has special interests in comparative and private international law, with a focus on the law of small jurisdictions. Tony’s main areas of publication have been in relation to Mauritius, Seychelles and the islands of the South Pacific. The Mauritius connection began in 1968 and continued until 2009. During that period, the main involvement in Mauritius was as Special Advisor in the Office of the Attorney-General.

Tony is currently constitutional and legal adviser to the Government of Niue and to the Government of Tokelau.

Research projects current in 2014 include the enactment of a Family Law Code for Niue, compilation work for the Seychelles Law Reports, the publication of the Seychelles Digest, reform of the Seychelles Civil Code and the updating of the KLUWER monographs on private international law – the South Pacific and Mauritius chapters.