“SILS is really directed at encouraging students not only to learn the theory but to really understand it at a deeper level. So you have lot of debates with your course leaders and your fellow classmates about not only what the theory is, but how it works, why it works, why it develops and what the practical implications in it might be.“
SiLS Student, Spring Semester 2016
“What I love about the SILS-LLM is it´s true international feature and real connection with practical cases. Students and course leaders are from different places but everybody is interested in sharing a comparative view of each topic.“
SiLS Student, Spring Semester 2016
“SILS gives you a good balanced program where you can learn through reading materials, video presentations and lectures, and you get an opportunity to speak with your course leaders every Saturday. The course leaders are skilled, knowledgable and experienced in the areas and give you good feedback in relation to your work and your assignments.”
SiLS Student, Spring Semester 2016
“SILS is a platform where international academics and practitioners share their experience with fully motivated international students.“
SiLS Student, Spring Semester 2016
“Students not only have access to lectures and lessons given by the most renowned specialists in the world, but we also give students a very precise feel of what international work is like. Just like in real life students come together remotely from all over the world by online meetings, video conferencing, E-Mail and produce work together as a group.“
SiLS Course Leader Professor Cesar PEREIRA, LL.M.
“SiLS it stands for what it teaches – it is truly international. It is created, built, and taught by academics and practitioners coming from all over the world. It covers subjects that are relevant for international legal practice and international business, and it has students from every continent, hopefully from all countries soon. It is the most international environment you can imagine. You learn, you practice and you become an international practitioner and lawyer.“
SiLS Course Leader Assistant Professor Dr. Dalma DEMETER, LL.M.
“The Saturday chats are an excellent moment to discuss some of the theories of international sales contracts and also some of the most important clauses of an international sales contract.“
SiLS Course Leader Professor Dr. Edgardo MUÑOZ, LL.M.
“What I love about SILS is the innovative and cutting-edge global legal education platform that is put together by Professor Ingeborg Schwenzer and her teams of experts from all around the world.“
SiLS Course Leader Assistant Professor Dr. Fan YANG
“Studying together with fellow students from around the globe is a good way to develop your knowledge and skills and also to grow your network.“
SiLS Advisory Board Member Professor Dr. SONO Hiroo, LL.M.
“SILS brings together people with expertise from all over the world for the benefit of students. All over the world you can study flexibly online.“
SiLS Course Leader Associate Professor Dr. Therese WILSON, LL.M.
“SILS offers unlimited potential for cross-cultural contact. In my first telephone conversation with the students last weekend we were on four continents and four different timezones and I loved it.“
SiLS Module Leader Professor Louise BARRINGTON, FCIArb
“SiLS brings together what belongs together. In our LLM-programme we connect first-class academics and practitioners from numerous countries, with students who are eager to learn from the very best without having to travel half the world. Without SILS, all these learning activities would be confine to the limits of a single state, sometimes even a single city. SILS overcomes these limits and brings together teachers and students on a truly global scale.“
SiLS Moot Academy Director Ref. iur. David TEBEL
“We really care about each individual student and that´s the reason why we have carefully created this truly global program for you.“
SiLS Educational Director Ulrike KESSLER, MSc
“What I love about SILS is the really interactive experience you get here. You are not passive. You do everything everyday and it´s great fun.“
SiLS Administrative Director Valentin BALTZER, MLaw, LL.M.
“It was a wonderful experience of mooting with a foreign team just a couple of weeks before the competition. We got to know our strengths and weaknesses through the pre-moot. Thank you SiLS for giving us the platform without any charges.“
Akash Gupta and Carolin Susan Johnson, the team of Tamil Nadu National Law School in Tiruchirappalli, India, who won the the prestigious Colin J Wall Spirit of the Moot award at the 13th Willem C Vis East Hong Kong Moot in 2016. The team participated in the SiLS Moot Academy in 2015/16.
“Our experience had been extremely positive. The arbitrator gave a number of helpful tips to the team members, and the opponents were a strong team really setting the high standard for us. It was also very nice to have the opportunity to practice online so early in the game, because other online fixtures were scheduled for much later – and it is good to get the team on track as early as possible. (…) We are very much looking forward to participating next year, too.“
The Robert Gordon University Vis Moot Team from Aberdeen, Scotland, who participated in the SiLS Moot Academy in 2015/16
“I am glad of being one of the first ones to make part of this program, which has all of the potential to teach a new generation of well prepared global lawyers.”
SiLS Student, Fall Semester 2015
“I would like thank Prof. Schwenzer for having the initiative and making SiLS a reality.”
SiLS Student, Fall Semester 2015
“Very stimulating especially in relation to the comparative law aspects. The learning was invaluable.”
SiLS Student, Fall Semester 2015
“I would not be able to get this quality education, learning and practicing experience if it wasn’t for you.”
SiLS Student, Fall Semester 2015
“I don’t think that 10 rates the value of the course leaders. They really led this course with commitment and brought clarity and value every week to the exercise. A big thank you to them.”
SiLS Student, Fall Semester 2015
“The time spent with (the course leaders) was very productive and they were able to skillfully guide us through the subjects and negotiations. I would like to thank them.”
SiLS Student, Fall Semester 2015
“The team exercises made the course come alive and assisted me a great deal in my own practice.”
SiLS Student, Fall Semester 2015
“The Weekly Chats were, in my opinion, the best activities of the module.”
SiLS Student, Fall Semester 2015
“I am sure that this was only the first semester of a great educational institution which will be gradually recognized by the awesome work done.”
SiLS Student, Fall Semester 2015