The SiLS Teaching Approach

Shaping the Global Lawyer

Our teaching approach aims to not to simply transfer general and abstract knowledge, but rather to train the core skills and competences required of a “global lawyer”. Thus, our courses are based on a student-focused model, which encourages self-directed, active learning of students. It is designed using an outcomes-based higher education model as developed by Biggs & Tang (2011).

All SiLS Courses offer a diversified learning environment with video lectures, reading materials, and specially designed teaching and learning activities. Classes are small (20 students max.), and two course leaders, one from a common law, the other from a civil law background, are available in each class for individual mentoring and academic supervision. Group projects and online activities add to students’ individual learning experience.

In this way, we train precisely the core skills and competences required of a “global lawyer”. For more, please see the SiLS Knowledgebase.

Quality Management

Quality at Swiss International Law School is the combined result of all staff sharing a common vision and supporting a lived quality culture. This is put into practice by

  • carefully aligning the aims of the SiLS program with teaching and learning activities and assessment tasks,
  • effectively and transparently communicating the course aims, intended learning outcomes, teaching and learning activities, as well as detailed criteria for assessment to the participants, and
  • most notably, by focusing on students’ interest to be fully prepared for the workplace as confident, and effective professionals, and able to live up to the expectations of their prospective clients, peers, and colleagues by the end of this course.